Telegraph Reports On “Virtual Sex Attack” In PlayStation Home

A while back over on the US PlayStation forums PSN member Whoef claimed that a friend was “sexually assaulted” near to the Festive Tree while she was helping others with the puzzle.  “She would move,” says the forum post, “and the harasser would follow. Each time trying to get behind her and use the crouch gesture. This apparently went on for some time.”

We’ve seen this before, of course.  “The harasser was warned multiple times and laughed at the thought that someone might report him for his actions, which was eventually done, and also, I’m proud to say, by other bystanders.”  Naturally, reporting the user to the PSN is the correct thing to do, and although we assume Sony have dealt with this individual the Telegraph has now picked up on the story.

“Online gamers’ characters are being sexually assaulted by other gamers,” says the report in the newspaper, “and that trauma is crossing the boundaries into real life.”  Our suggestion is to do exactly as PlayStation Home suggests you do – don’t respond and ensure the individual is reported to Sony.  Remember that some people just do this for a reaction from you – don’t give them the satisfaction and just ignore them.