Just Cause 2 PS3 Gets Video Capture

Square Enix London have announced that the Playstation 3 version of Just Cause 2 will feature a video capture service. The feature will allow you to capture 30 seconds of game play and upload it to YouTube. Square Enix say;

“BASE jumped from the highest bridge in the game? Captured. Jumped out of a jet fighter and crashed into an oil rig? Recorded. Parachuted off a cliff onto a passing helicopter, laying waste to a military harbour with missiles, before ejecting, skydiving down through enemy flak, grappling soldiers to passing aircraft, leaving nothing but the smoking remains of the military might? Saved, uploaded and published for the world to see.”


Once the feature is activated it will continuously capture the last 30 seconds of game play so if you happen to perform an astounding take down or car crash, simply pause the game and hit the upload button. If 30 seconds sounds a little stingy, fear not, Square Enix have that covered;

“We’ve added a 10 minute capture option which, once activated, will start recording an extended clip for those moments you know are going to end in chaos.”

I’m giving it a week after launch until someone has created the entire movie “Crank” in Just Cause 2.

Source: DigitalSpy