EA Announce FIFA World Cup 2010

As is the tradition with every major sporting event, EA have announced FIFA World Cup 2010 for release in April. A full two months before the big football spectacle in South Africa in June, this should give you footie fans the chance to write your own tale of how the tournament will unfold.

The game will feature all 199 teams that took part in qualification and the ten official stadia of the host nation. The press release is a riot of information from the presence of “confetti rain” when you win (going for the realism factor we see) to “situational tactics in-game, and altitude effects that fatigue players faster and even impact the flight of the ball.”


Historically, sports games linked to a particular tournament have failed to match the quality of the perennial big hitters; games that usually end with 99, 05, 2134, etc. Here’s hoping this FIFA title bucks that trend.

FIFA World Cup 2010 is due for a release on April 30th in Europe on the PS3, 360, Wii and PSP. North America will get it three days earlier. Not that they’ll notice.