EA: “We Had Lots Of Negative Feedback From The PS3 Community”

DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke had originally claimed that the reason there wasn’t a multiplayer beta for the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was simple because it “didn’t work out for the Xbox 360,” citing legal wranglings.  However, the game’s senior producer, Patrick Bach, has told Xbox360Mag a different tale.

“We had made an exclusive on Xbox 360 for the first Battlefield: Bad Company,” he said, “and we had lots of negative feedback from the PS3 community, so this time we decided to turn the wheel and serve players on PlayStation 3.” 360 owners shouldn’t worry too much, though: “We always look to make a demo available on all platforms,” Bach continued, “so the 360 community should not be disappointed.”


Indeed, the last time we checked there’s a demo out next week.  The moral of the tale is that if you cry like a baby loud enough somebody’s going to hear you, and give you a little exclusive.

Thanks, Cappadocius, via Connected Consoles.