Meet The ‘Real’ Madison Paige

At the age of 28 Jacqui Ainsley has already appeared in adverts, music videos and the opening sequence to a Bond film. But in less than a month millions of PlayStation 3 owners will come to know the British beauty as Madison Paige from Heavy Rain. Whilst you’ll be hearing the voice of American Judi Beecher, the inspiration and the motion capture for Madison is all down to Ainsley.

Jacqui first donned the skin-tight MoCap suit just under 3 years ago in the Quantic Dream’s studio in Paris and has subsequently learned to live with 28 cameras filming her every move, simultaneously… in the studio at least. Whilst we as players of the video game will have some moral choices to make, Jacqui explains in an interview with an unofficial Heavy Rain Blog that David Cage was always on hand to remind her of these choices and what effect it was going to have on us. I’m pretty sure that’s not the only reason David Cage was always on hand.


But Jacqui wasn’t shy when it came to throwing herself around in fight scenes or when it came to the more intimate moments of Heavy Rain.

My body would definitely say the action scenes were more strenuous! The spherical sensors covering the body suit are very firm and if you are constantly falling and fighting, over the course of a week, it can be painful. I was often coming home black and blue!

Jacqui is set to attend the red carpet premiere of the highly anticipated game in mid-February in Paris and with all eyes on a game that’s promising so much, it’s likely that we won’t have seen the last of her within the video game world. For now why not check out these pics… you know you want to.

Images Sources: Play3-Live and AllGamesBeta