Trophy World 28/01/10

Welcome back to Trophy World! We’ve been experiencing a bit of Heavy Rain in the Trophy World, so no trophies have been brave enough to rear their beautiful heads, except for Heavy Rain of course! Fine, I’ll stop now, Cage would probably hunt me down and cage me like an animal. Apologies, one never realises their boundaries until they cross them. Anyways, look for some Company of the Bad kind to knock on your doorstep soon. Be sensible and let them destroy your house, but don’t fret, your walls will still remain intact (at least that’s what happened when they visited me last year)!

I don’t have much left to say about Heavy Rain now. We know that the majority of the list is secret and multiple playthroughs are necessary if you want that shiny Platinum. Recalling what David Cage said all the way back during the Eurogamer Expo, my impressions are that most of the secret trophies will be ‘common’ ones, in the sense that everyone will unlock them irrespective of their decisions. I’m getting a pretty big vibe that maybe out of the 52 secret trophies, one would unlock around 35-45 in their first playthrough, though may end up 6 playthroughs later and one pesky secret left.


That’s why I’ve set up this thread so that we, the community, can help each other out and get one step closer to that shiny blue-white trophy. It’s definitely going to be exciting and I hope I finally manage to get a Platinum after so long (it’s been six months since my last platinum!). The thing is, I just don’t want to play through a harder difficulty which is bound to be monotonous (Uncharted 2 is a great example, I don’t want to play through Hard and Crushing just for the platinum and it’s not a question of skill, I managed perfectly fine with Uncharted 1). Coming back to Heavy Rain, because one playthrough is always going to be unique to another, it should be very enjoyable to try becoming a ‘Heavy Rain Master’.

Clearly I was wrong when I said I had little to talk about, heh?

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2/Bronze

My Li’l Pwny
Get the callsign approved by Kotick himself.

Kotick is the only man in the world with li’l pwnys. If you bought Modern Warfare 2, you’re one of them. Now we’re all sons of bitches.