Install Heavy Rain – Learn Origami

How many hours have you wasted watching repetitive pictures flash up on the screen during a game install? I can count at least two hours of my life I won’t be getting back (Bioshock, GTAIV, Devil May Cry4, MGS4 etc).

Quantic Dreams have decided to use these dead minutes whilst Heavy Rain installs to teach you the ancient art of Origami. Have a piece of paper ready and during the mandatory install, all 4.2 GB of it, and you will learn how to make the ‘Swan’ that is pictured on the box art.


It’s a step up from a carousel of dull images I guess but does anybody remember back the day of the ZX Spectrum when you could actually play a mini game whilst the full game was loading? If the Speccy can let you play a Pac-Man clone whilst a game loads in to its 48K, surely the PS3 can do something similar whilst you wait for a game to install?

Source: JustPushStart