UK PS3/360 Charts: Week Ending 30th Jan

Mark this day down in your diary. Why? Because this is the first week in what will be a very busy year for gamers, whereby Modern Warfare 2 has slipped from the top of both Full-Price charts and the All-Formats chart. So what has been tempting you to part with your cash?

UK PS3 Chart: Week ending 30th January:


Modern Warfare 2 has been replaced by MAG this week as Zipper Interactive’s massive multiplayer game calls you all to arms. If you have missed any of TSA’s MAG Coverage including the Clan and which faction to fight for, and an interview with Ben Jones from Zipper then have no fear as you can view all of the info here. Elsewhere on the chart Uncharted 2 is continuing to rise again and today re-enters the top 3; Drake has been a staple part of the chart since the game’s release back in October. MAG’s introduction into the mix did mean that one game had to go and it seems that Borderlands is the title that loses out.


UK 360 Chart: Week ending 30th January:

On the Xbox 360, Modern Warfare 2 was knocked down a peg by the extremely popular Mass Effect 2. By all accounts Mass Effect 2 is a brilliant game with lots of 10 out of 10 scores and talk of it being a serious contender for Game of the Year…and we’re only in February. Congratulations to Shepard, it sounds like it deserves it. Forza Motorsport 3 is still in the top 3 and I don’t think it has dipped since its release back in October. As with the PS3 chart, the introduction of an exclusive game means that one title has had to say goodbye to the top 10; in the 360 Chart’s case it was Bayonetta.

So there you have it. Is this the start of fresh new charts or will Modern Warfare 2 crawl back into power? It’s good to see both charts being topped by a platform exclusive game.

Source: Chart Track