Dante’s Inferno Super Bowl Ad Censored

EA have coughed up a serious amount of cash to showcase their upcoming Dante’s Inferno game during the most watched media event in the American calendar – the Super Bowl. While this costly venture makes economical sense (40% of American homes tune in to the sporting spectacle – or, in real terms, that’s between 80 and 90 million people looking at your ad), it looks like the promo won’t be running without some enforced changes or risk offending some of America’s more conservative of viewers.

They’ll still see Dante, emblazoned with a bloody cross stitched into his chest. They’ll still witness the gut-wrenching viciousness of  slicing and dicing all of what Hell has to offer. They just won’t see the game’s tagline “Go To Hell” at the end. In what many of us over on this side of the pond might find a tad bizarre considering the game’s graphic nature, the game will instead be pinned with the slogan “Hell Awaits.”


There’s no pleasing some people.

Source: Hollywood Reporter via Eurogamer