MAG Update 1.01 Is Live

Just a quick field report for all you Magi out there – MAG’s first update since launch is now available. Kicking off automatically upon boot-up, the patch is an inoffensive 300KB and appears to be more a list of performance tweaks than anything else.

From the MAG blog:


MAG Patch v1.01a


  • Resolved issue that caused banding and/or artifacts in the sky.


  • Server performance enhancements with a focus on reducing lag issues.
  • Lowered chances of encountering 5:5 errors
  • Added additional statistics-focused servers
  • Added additional servers for Japan.
  • Reduces the amount of time after a game finishes before stats post to account.

No sign of that “Make SVER harder to kill” fix. SVER 4VER! (Etc.)

Note: the servers are currently under maintenance. Though they usually snap back online at 11 am (as per the downtime window notification) they’re currently still down. We’re assuming this is due to the extra time needed with the new patch.