Trophy World 06/02/10

Welcome back to Trophy World! We’ll be doing this feature every Saturday now, since I know you guys would like something to read on the usually barren weekend. It’s been a quiet week for trophies, with only 3 lists posted. Anyways,  a lot of games are releasing soon, so hopefully we see more action soon:

Thexder Neo is a side-scrolling adventure from Square Enix. You can watch a trailer right here if you’ve never heard about the game before. There’s the demo and full game on the PlayStation Store right now if you wish to try it out. The demo is still sitting on my HDD as I haven’t found any free time to play it yet. The trophies look pretty hardcore but I don’t really have any idea since I have no clue how the game plays. It looks nice, so give the demo a try if it interests you.


Assault Heroes is a PSN game that has just released on the US Store. I don’t really know much about it, though the trophies look difficult to me.

Fret Nice is another PSN game on the US Store with a lovely twist, you can play it with your guitar controller. Again, I have the demo on my HDD but haven’t had the time to play it but it certainly looks like it will be worth the money when (and if) it comes to our store. The trophies don’t look simple and it seems you will need true mastery of the game to get that gold.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Fret Nice/ Gold

The Per Lundberg Syndrome
Get 100% of all medals

It sounds like it will be a true challenge to get this and hopefully it will be a fun one. See you next week guys!