Age Of Zombies Announced

Great, another %@&$in zombie game, we were thinking. Well, Halfbrick – the guys behind Blast Off! and Echoes were thinking the same thing, too

“Zombie games make money,” they told us. “No one has anything against a good zombie game really, it’s just that there’s a lot of them. So we needed to try something different. We didn’t want to kill zombies in the usual way. We didn’t want to survive a deadly undead army in the ruins of some scary-ass town.”


So, what did they want? “To travel through time and shoot zombie dinosaurs and mummies and junk.”

Looks like the trailer has pretty much nailed it:

And that’s where Age of Zombies has come from.  We’re told the development team actually journeyed back in time to experience what it meant to really blast zombie faces with guns while “standing around the Pyramids and Japanese villages and such.” Clearly some detailed research work has gone into this game.

Mr. Morowitz, the game’s lead programmer, found the entire experience fascinating:“I particularly enjoyed the artwork of the Ancient Egyptians and their ability to persevere under extreme environmental circumstances.”

Creative consultant Anthony Hansen on his adventure: “I learned how to make moonshine in the 1930s.” And lead artist Murry Lancashire: “I liked shooting cavemen.” So, as hero Barry Steakfries, you’re meant to use time portals to stop the evil zombie scheme of Professor Brains, with lots of guns.

The game will be $5, and will be out February 25th.