Sony Waggle Different – Peter Moore

Confirming what we kind of already knew (but also secretly will do anything to believe), EA’s Peter Moore has commented on his impressions of Sony’s new Motion Controller device to C&VG. The majority of the sound-bite is to be expected: Sony are pushing the technology, it will be great for sports titles, we’re (EA) looking to use it.

What’s intriguing, however, is how Moore believes Sony’s take on the motion control domain is not just a carbon copy of what Nintendo have already so masterfully achieved in the area, but is its own “different experience.” Moore states:


I’ve seen the technology working. I think it’s going to be a great complement to what’s out there. Sony will put their collective technology and marketing might behind it.

It’s a different experience than Wii and we’re watching it with great interest. As you might imagine, we’re working on stuff – in particular on what sports can bring to it.

One thing we’ve learnt with the Wii is that we can afford [to spend time on building bespoke games]. The two that stand out in terms of authentic sports motion on Wii are golf and tennis. If you can capture that motion, that brings the game to life in a very unique way. We’re looking at how we bring that sports credibility and authenticity to life with Sony’s new platform.

Sony’s ‘Arc’ (we’ll stop using the quotes when it’s actually confirmed) uses entirely different technology to sense movement than Nintendo’s Wii, and is quoted as being “scarily accurate.”  High Voltage also recently came out and stated that the motion controller “does exactly what it says on the tin.” (OK, they said “It works exactly as advertised.” Same difference.)

Our recent poll also intimates that you lot are cautiously optimistic about the endeavour. We find out more this autumn.