New Final Fantasy XIII Details

In an interview over at the Official Playstation Blog, the Final Fantasy XIII’s producer, Yoshinori Kitase, and director, Motomu Toriyama answered some of the public’s most common questions. You can head on over to the blog for the full interview but I’ve picked out the key points made.

The game has roughly 50 to 60 hours of gameplay for the main story, with around 10 hours being cutscenes, but if you aim to complete all the side missions too then you’ll be playing for almost 120 hours. I expected the latest instalment to be around this length but one thing I didn’t expect was that there will be no installation. This is quite an achievement on Square’s part. Running a game so extensive and graphically pleasing with no install really shows how lazy some developers can be with other games. Bear in mind the 360 version will be on three discs. Aren’t we lucky?


For those of you unsure about the game, Square still haven’t decided whether or not there will be a demo. Home content is also being considered, with Japan set to receive a load including costumes and spaces but no word on Europe yet. DLC has been highly rumoured and with the back of the 360 box showing “game-content download” it is highly probably that we will see it. Let’s just hope it’s not exclusive to the Xbox.

Final Fantasy XIII is released in 28 days and I, for one, cannot wait.