Adarakion Developer Diary: Issue 20

Dodging real life’s attempts to shoot me down has been the theme of the week. As you may or may not know – most of my coding time is spent before I start work, during my lunch hour, and any time I can grab in between. I take my laptop to work and use that to code on, then when I get home all my code is backed up onto my network server at home automatically.  Disaster struck this week as we are having a bit of an office move around at work and I’m losing my private office, which means “the boss” has effectively said don’t bring the laptop to work anymore as everyone in the “main office” will want one!

So, that was a bit of a shocker, but then it struck me that I’m sat on a PC all day anyway, so why can’t I just install VC++ on my work PC and code that way.  I wasn’t sure if they’d let me install something of that ilk on my work PC – at the end of the day why should they?  It’s not company software; it’s not something I need to do my job.

Anyway, to cut a very long story short due to my top negotiation skills and persuasive abilities I managed to get them to agree to let me install VC++ on my work PC! This is actually a real bonus, as in slack moments I can dabble with some code.  Luckily my network server at home allows me to access it via the internet so I can upload and download chunks of software as I complete it! RESULT!  I’m actually quite excited by the prospect, and whilst Project Blast! Won’t run half as well on my basic work PC (without video card) it at least means I can continue with the mundane bits of the port at a reasonable speed. I guess on the flip side I need to not get too carried away, I am after all employed to do a job so to spend all day coding probably won’t go down to well!

In terms of coding it’s been another slow week again this week (spot a theme here?).  I’ve been attempting to do things a little differently in terms of the ship database by creating a “struct” to hold all the ship data which can be accessed by any and all parts of the program.  My main problems here are as a result of where to declare the struct and where to define it etc.  Again, it’s a matter of data organisation and I honestly think this is one of the areas of coding in C++ that I will struggle the most with.  I’m not an organised person. At all. Yet I need to plan how I’m going to organise my data in advance – for me, quite a daunting task, which is probably another reason why coding has stalled as I am giving more and more consideration to how the code should be organised.

I’m also finding it quite tricky to juggle lots of hats at the moment – trying to keep the profile of Adarakion up (not that its particularly high at the moment, but its good to keep things like the website fresh etc.), trying to continue with my C++ coursework, continuing my gaming habit… sorry, hobby.. and also actually have a life!!!

I need to have a real push to get things moving with Blast! now, no excuses anymore, its down to me to keep the ball rolling.  Once I’m ported into C++ the fun stuff can start again, and I find myself wanting that moment more than ever – there’s nothing better than seeing your game develop and evolve and this port has made me only more aware of that.

I’m also mindful that our forums have stagnated quite a bit lately – I have plans to rectify that but again, it’s fitting them into my otherwise insanely hectic schedule!  Its tough being me you know!

Anyway, hopefully next week I can bring you tales of progression, a few more screenshots and a little bit of happiness and satisfaction with a job well done… Fingers crossed!