Free Realms Has 8 Million Players

Sony’s kiddie friendly MMO ‘Free Realms’ now has 8 million unique registered users. Last news on the Playstation 3 version was a vague release of “mid 2010” but since then it’s been quieter that a very quiet thing, with its mouth taped, in a sound proofed room.

In the MMO universe players can follow many paths, be a cook and create a delicious meal, raise a pet puppy or be a ninja and go questing with your brightly coloured friends. Apparently you can do almost anything so as soon as it arrives on PS3 I shall try at being a Ninja Super Chef and cook a puppy*.


Free Realms is about to host the ‘Festival of Hearts’, a month long event that will celebrate love, friendship and kindness. Aww!

Source: SonyInsider

*That was a joke, of course. I would never cook a puppy. I will barbecue a kitten instead.