Free Realms Reaches 20 Million Players

Sony Online Entertainment today announced that kid-friendly MMO Free Realms has garnered over 20 million registered users across the globe. To celebrate the occasion, SOE is giving away limited edition in-game items for those who log in between October 21st and the 30th. SOE President John Smedley, who recently commented that pay-to-play (P2P) MMOs are on their way out hailed the milestone as “a true testament of SOE’s success with Free-to-Play games.”

Free Realms originally launched in April 2009 for the PC, the PlayStation 3 version only having recently been released via download. Unlike most MMOs, Free Realms isn’t combat-centric and grants players freedom to do whatever they want, whether that be resource gathering, cooking, or even kart racing (just to name a few in-game activities.)

Source: Press Release


  1. I wonder when DC Universe is F2P…

    • “late October” so hopefully next week

  2. I fell for that but then it wasn’t available in Europe.

  3. This game is fun. Its just the limit that they give to you on ps3 that killed it for me

    • What is the lvl cap before a subscription?

      • the cap was set to lvl 5. after that you couldnt even play the old missions or even fight anything other than other players

  4. Wow, impressive figures there. I enjoyed what I played of it. Would love to get it upgraded and earn some trophies for it.

  5. I love the game. So glad it was finally released on PS3. Haven’t been able to play for about a month but everything about it is worthwhile in my opinion

  6. I’m 3 of those. Played it on PC for a couple of weeks and enjoyed it enough to fork out £2.99 for the sub and cancelled after a month (for no other reason than other games were out). D/L’d on PS3 and can’t transfer across my existing acct even though it’s tied to same email addy and on top of that, the PS3 version is pants. :-(

  7. The PR spin in that is ’20 million registered users’. Now John, tell us how many are active players.

  8. Free to play my arse! You can only play to level 5. It’s a demo, nothing more!

  9. I don’t think it sounds like ‘proper’ F2P. I wonder how the Job level cap affects you playing the game. The only MMO I’ve ever put quite a bit of time into, and it’s been a fair few years since then, was Runescape. Level caps in Runescape would have meant that you couldn’t get very far in the game.

    • You hit level5 really fast and then there is nothing to do. So it’s not F2P, but a demo.

  10. Free to play-yes.
    Trophies and progression included-no.
    Subscription required for both-yes.
    Misleading-hell yes.

    Down to earth fun but unfortunate for the full experience has to be subscribed for…killed my initial anticipation for the game.

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