‘Free Realms’ Finally Arriving On PS3?

We bemoaned the lack of PS3 Free Realms during our top 100 of 2011 list. We couldn’t quite fathom out why it had yet to materialize despite being on the PC for what seems like an eternity (with a very healthy 10 million registered accounts). It seems our wait may be over, as SOE president John Smeldey has spilt some very tasty beans:

“This is in submission at SCEA [Sony Computer Entertainment America] right now. Once it’s done with that, once it’s through, we’ll be launching it in SCEE [Sony Computer Entertainment Europe].

If I was a betting man, I’m betting sometime early February it gets launched on the PS3 in SCEA. And probably, and this is a guess, sometime in March for SCEE. And that will use a free-to-play business model on PS3.”

Good news indeed!

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Nice. I still think an awesome community like TSA is just *made* for MMOs.

  2. Free what?

    • +1

      • Indeed, what is this. I have learnt over the past week that there is a lot of good stuff in the PC gaming which is somewhat unknown due to the PC community being relatively removed from that of the consoles.

  3. Will try this out, definitely. And by the way, will this have trophies?

  4. FREE :D

  5. Ah this game.

    i tried downloading the PC version a few years ago but it failed to play on my computer so i decided to forget all about it and make cupcakes.

    but if its coming to PS3 i could become interested again.

    • I’m more interested in the cupcakes. Were they nice?

  6. cool beans

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