Free Realms PS3 Gets A Release Date

Well it’s finally happened, the long awaited MMO, Free Realms, has been given a release date for the PS3 over on the US PS Blog. From March 29th you will be able to download the game via the PSN. It’s free to download, and “all jobs are available through level 4, as well as over 800 quests and countless minigames. Upgrade to a membership and get unlimited access to all job levels, as well as additional premium content and features.”

The game promises many features; exploration, collections, quests, combat, minigames, holiday and community events, virtual pets, virtual housing, as well as 30,000 unique clothing and equipment options.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Nice another MMO to play

  2. Finally arriving, hoping it will be fun

  3. Long time coming

    Isnt this aimed at kiddy winks?

  4. I’ll be trying this one out, you know, it’s free!

  5. Sounds like fun

  6. Interesting…
    I’ll give it a go, see if it’s worth paying for the extras afterwards.

  7. I remember playing this for a couple of days when it launched on the PC. It’s not bad, though the mainly child audience could prove an issue.

  8. Hopefully it will prove popular, leading to ‘EVE Online’

  9. It sounds like a kids version of Home. Or another way to spend real money on virtual t-shirts.

  10. It has trophies too, 46 of them.

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