Free Fl0w On US Store

As this weekend is all about the love, one TSA reader has gotten into the spirit early to tell us something lovely is happening over the Pond. No, not CB’s ace reporting from X10, but the fact that Fl0w is currently free on the US PlayStation Store.  You’ll need a US account to get it, of course, but that’s not a problem to you, is it?

To find it you apparently need to search for the game, but the full version is there as a free download until 14/02/2010 at 2am (GMT), so go get it now.  Quick.  Go.  Va-va-voom!


Update 1: Apparently there is some IP blocking going on, so if you are outside the US you may well not be able to get this.  Thanks to Zuler for the info.  Any US peeps though – go get it!

News tip: darknight88