TC’s Massive Poll: Week 2 Results

Welcome back to another Massive Poll results show with me, Holly Willoughby. This week we asked for your thoughts on 3D gaming and once more you’ve been clicking in your hundreds to let Sony, Microsoft and game developers what you really think of ‘close encounters of the third kind.’

A massive 46.9% of you, almost half of all respondents, said they would only upgrade to 3D when the technology became affordable. Many of you commented that you had only recently upgraded to HD and were unwilling to splash out on yet another new television. The delightfully named ‘Admiring Worm’ told us, “I’m really interested in 3D gaming, but unfortunately I probably can’t afford it at first.”

Second place goes the more fashion conscious voter; those who do no want to wear the 3D specs. 21.4% of you fell in to this category including ‘X_Yoshy_X’ who voiced his opinion, “I don’t want to have to wear glasses, I think you should be able to walk in to a room, sit down and just watch, not have to search around for some stupid glasses.”

In at third place with 18.1% were the voters who quite happy with only two dimensions. Pollster ‘Severn2j’ sums up his feelings, “Not really interested.. Avatar was cool in 3D, but it’s not worth getting a new TV for.”

Last place goes to the day one adopters with only 13.6% of you were rushing out to buy a new television and plunge yourself in the world of 3D gaming. Our very own ‘CC_Star’ is very excited, “Can’t wait for 3D, it’s going to be huge in the world of video gaming,” he said, “It’s all about immersion.”

One other interesting point had been raised by our pollsters: Some commented that they have problems with their vision so 3D may be hard work, perhaps impossible. TSA’er ‘Kamokazi-UK’ tells us ‘I have trouble with my eyes not being of equal strength, so all of them 3D things just look very odd. I can get the polarised lenses to work if I mess around focusing my eyes, but it’s just not worth it.’ 

Thank you once again to the hundreds of you who voted, I’m sure you’ll agree these surveys are producing some very interesting results. That’s the end of today’s results show so join me, Holly Willoughby, next week when once more I shall be examining TC’s Massive Poll and don’t forget to switch over to ITV2 right now for “Massive Poll: Extra Portions” with Claudia Winkleman.