Charts: Week Ending 13th Feb

Dante’s Inferno failed to claim the top spot last week as MAG held onto the PlayStation 3’s number one spot whist Mass Effect 2 kept the chart crown for the Xbox 360. So, has anything interesting happened this week?

UK PS3 Chart: Week ending 13th February:


MAG hasn’t managed to hang on for a 3rd week in a row with Bioshock 2 storming the charts and debuting and number one. MAG has actually slipped down into 6th. Bayonetta makes her return to the chart by jumping 8 places to take 5th position and Uncharted 2 has slipped to its lowest position since its release back in october – it now occupies 7th place. FIFA 10 and Modern Warfare 2 take up their familiar positions within the top 3.


UK 360 Chart: Week ending 13th February:

It’s a similar story on the Xbox 360 with the highly anticipated Bioshock 2 claiming victory here, too. Mass Effect 2 doesn’t stray far, though, and Bayonetta makes an even more impressive jump of 13 places to resurface at number 7. Assassin’s Creed II falls from the top 10 this week and Modern Warfare 2 is still making its presence felt by remaining in the top 3.

Source: Chart Track