MAG’s Medicinal 1.02 Patch Tomorrow

After popping up on the NPD top 20 for last week (#13 in fact), it’s good to hear MAG is doing steady mercenary business. It’s also good to hear that a game that demands constant monitoring and the redressing of balance is getting such attention, too. Zipping Interactive have announced over on the official blog that the game’s second patch (what we’re calling The MAGic Salve) will hit tomorrow, February 17th.

The update is a veritable laundry list of tweaks; the best of them in the interface department where people who can’t resuscitate downed team-mates will no longer get those annoying markers. Look! A guy! Dying! Who you can’t help in any way. Awesome.


Another interesting reveal is a background change which will lead to the eventual integration with If it’s anything like Killzone 2’s version, we can hardly wait.

Here comes the science bit:


  • Fixed issue where water-submerged players could not be resuscitated.


  • Restricted Medic icon for downed players will only show up to those with the “Resuscitation” Support Skill Equipped.
  • Incapacitated player icons are now hidden from teammates who can’t resuscitate them.
  • Added distance indicator for incapacitated teammates (meters).
  • Added distance display for “Anti-Personnel” and “Anti-Tank” Mines for both teammates and enemies equipped with the “Explosives Detector.”
  • Localization changes for language in the Armory screen.


  • Fixed XP requirements for Level 36 (moved from 23,686 to 21,999) and Level 37 (moved from 23,803 to 23,083).
  • Statistical changes to support eventual integration into website.


  • Improved server performance to reduce instances of lag in population-heavy games.
  • Groups cannot enter match if one of its members is banned from the game.
  • Regional server hosting IDs adjusted in North American locations.

From the US PlayStation blog: “The patch will automatically download on February 17, 2010 at 1am Pacific/ 4am Eastern/ 9am GMT and weigh in at about 40MB for the initial patch installer, with an additional 55MB for the patch itself.”

Source: MAG blog.