Second Opinion 3: Back With a Vengeance

It’s been two weeks since my last Second Opinion due to bacterial intervention, and for this, I apologise. However, this week I’m back with a vengeance, so let’s get going.

I think I’ll kick this off with some totally Extreme Parental Guidance, dude. Jo Frost, a nanny who presumably does her nannying whilst sky diving or windsurfing, has done a completely terrible ‘study’ that probably shouldn’t be really be considered a ‘study’ so much as a moronic and badly put together movement against gaming. In said bowel movement she subjected 20 boys to a violent FPS and another 20 boys to a football game. She then made them watch ‘violent news coverage’, which sounds like a new game with War from Darksiders as a news reporter, and it turns out the boys who had played the FPS had a lower heart rate, indicating they were more relaxed.

Obviously, over here in Sanityland we can see that there could be a great many reasons for such a thing. Maybe, after seeing Jo Frost, half of the boys were completely terrified and the other half had already resigned to the fact that she was going to devour their souls. All we know for certain is that half of those boys were ecstatic at getting to play an FPS they probably shouldn’t really have been playing for 20 minutes in the name of ‘research’, provided Frost (Jo, not Inspector) didn’t pick a ‘violent’ FPS that they wouldn’t have been able to buy from a shop. Of course, if she did do such a thing, this particular study would make any sense, and if she didn’t she would have screwed up these children for life because they’ve come into some form of contact with a game.

In a move that I’m sure will make Jo Frost’s halo fall from her head and, hopefully, get caught around her neck, I shall move on to God of War. A new trailer was released five days ago that is guaranteed to make any man’s insides jump in a whooping motion. It features some Blades of Chaos swinging and lots of Kratos hitting things with various other things. He does a bit of jumping, too.

Elsewhere in Violentville, it turns out Crysis 2 may well be massively popular. Let’s think; shooting? Check. Fancy powers? Check. Astonishingly good looking? Check. That’s all the bases checked, which means it’s going to be a hit. In theory. CryEngine 3 is apparently a rather fancy bit of tech, as one tester can edit the game on a PC as two others play it, one per console. If you know where to look, you can read that the game is being developers simultaneously on PS3 and PC, and nothing is compromised. ‘Where to look’ is the latest OPM, if you were wondering.

Next week, Darksiders will be getting a demo. Not just any demo, however, it’s a 90 minute mega demo in which you can play through an entire section of the game, including a boss. The section is Twilight Cathedral, which may actually be the least imaginative name I’ve ever heard, but don’t let the name fool you; the game is excellent. If you really do need convincing, though, you should definitely designate an hour and a half for that demo. In the mean time, read our review.

That’s it for this week, folks. Come back next week when I’ll be commenting on things that we don’t know yet. This paragraph feels redundant. Until next time, then.