Second Opinion 4: Heavy Snow

Heavy Rain released/releases (depending where you live) this week, as you can see here, strangely enough bringing with it heavy snow where I live. It also brought idiots all over the internet to TSA, trying to spoil the ending of the game for everyone. It’s good, then, that Nofi is a God and can destroy all those pesky buggers with his awesome ban-laser. Thankfully, the snow and (thanks to Nofi), neither did the spoilerers (new word),  didn’t stick around, so walking around outside (and on the internet) isn’t nearly as terrifically dangerous as it could have been. This resulted in me going to town to get Borderlands for 360 without, you know, slipping and dying.

In a convenient and easy way for me to transition between things, Borderlands’ third DLC released yesterday on the 360, presumably to just be a bit weird and release on an unconventional day. That, of course, wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, especially considering that this DLC ups the level cap by 11 levels, because they thought we’d need more than 10 extra levels to master the Armory of General Knox. I’m certain that extra level will make all the difference. That’s all well and good, but what else has happened in the last week?

Well, useful narrative device, SCE are becoming SNEP. Or, so we thought, before we discovered that SCE won’t be affected and will be a subsection of SNEP, which sounds like someone with a cold saying ‘snap’. Possibly. We have no clue what’s going on anymore. It’s possible that Sony don’t even know what’s happening. In fact, God would have trouble following this particular piece of news, so we should move on. Aaron Greenberg, who is literally a Microsoft man (he works for them), has stated the blindingly obvious in that he’s said the 360 will outsell the PS3 this year. At this point, nobody is going to be surprised if the 360 outsells the PS3, the only sort of surprise when it comes to sales is when it’s the other way around. I suppose he also stated that 2 + 2 is 4, the sky’s blue and that Microsoft has both an M and an S in it. Oh SNEP!

…Moving on. Last but not most, Demon’s Souls has a Euro release date, found on a Finnish website, presumably by an African Welshman. Demon’s Souls is probably the hardest game to release for years. Proof? Well, in the first level, you are supposed to die. A game in which you’re actually supposed to fight, lose and die as part of the first level? Sounds pretty unforgiving to me. I’ve got it myself, imported from Japan, and I died more than an average multiplayer session of Modern Warfare 2, if you were attempting to control said average session of with the sheer power of your mind. Which may or may not work. You’re welcome to try – report your success or failure in the comments section!

That’s it for this week. I will leave you with the shocking discovery that Kratos, who you may recognise from a little-known game called God of War, almost ended up being a little elf. I get the feeling Kratos would come across as a little less awesome if he couldn’t actually pick up his Blades of Chaos.