Second Opinion 1

Second Opinion, a regular from myself (obviously) in which I direct my weirdness towards the news in the last week. This week, I’m squeezing through cracks and taking a bite out of an apple. No, the puns will not stop here.

So the biggest news over the last week is the cracking of the PS3 by Geohot, who sounds like he named himself after a portable wifi service. It’s big news, but it’s still not going to let anybody play their downloaded PS3 games like the scurvy buggers those who want to are. At least not yet, anyway. Geohot himself says that he doesn’t have anything to do with piracy, which is funny considering that this is exactly what piracy needed to get going on the PS3. It’s like Jack Sparrow saying ‘I’m not a pirate, I just captain the ship!’

Geohot did a little good with this release, though, as he says that he’s discovered that his not-backwards compatible PS3 is, uh, backwards compatible. Or at least it has the ability to play ‘older’ PS2 games, which either means it can play less demanding PS2 games or that he was trying to spell everything out very specifically to avoid confusing the BBC. After the 3 or so years it has taken, it only actually took mister portable wifi 5 weeks to hack his PS3, which presumably gives him good reason to give the middle finger to the rest of the hacking community, laughing as he smashes a window, swings his electric hacker rope out of the hole left behind and rappels out of the room.

Elsewhere in technoland, Apple fail to keep their iTablet from the public in a show of Sony E3-style secret keeping, to the point that we reported that there was going to be news about it today before it was announced. Amusing, but is it any good? Probably. Why are you asking me? I haven’t got one. It certainly seems like it could be special. I want two, though I’m getting sick of things that begin with small ‘i’s. They should make a pirate version called ‘iiTablet’.

Moving towards games themselves, EA simply aren’t happy with having yearly updates so they’re releasing a Fifa World Cup 2010, as is to be expected. So, if you’ve ever wanted to waste more money on football games without waiting until the next annual instalment, here’s your chance. Apparently, it features confetti rain when you win and altitude effects, because you’ve always wanted your players to fatigue quicker, haven’t you? It’ll release on April 30th in Europe and cost you your soul. Maybe. It’ll release in the US to rapturous uninterest on the 27th, further reinforcing America’s fanaticism when it comes to football (oh, uh, soccer).

If you’re a Nintendo fan, you’ll know that games mean swinging your arms around like a fool, which brings me to Playstation Arc. That’s the supposed name for Sony motion control for the PS3, and when I see it I immediately think of happiness and butterflies. And inFAMOUS, because Arc sounds particularly electric. Shocking, I know (I’m actually sorry for that one). I do admit to being interested in Arc, though, partly because it sounds cool and partly because it might enjoy less random waggling and more actual planned movements.

Not a bad week as far as news goes, really. I’ve seen deader weeks, but I’ve also seen better weeks, so there’s nothing to complain about. Let’s hope the next week is going to be just as interesting (or more). Until next Wednesday, then.