FF Creator’s New Game Strangely Familiar

Announced last month, Mistwalker’s new RPG for the Wii has now gained a title: The Last Story. The intriguing part? The man behind the project is none other than famed Final Fantasy mastermind Hironobu Sakaguchi. Current Final Fantasy steward, Yoshinori Kitase, has commented to Kotaku about the game’s apparent similarity to Sakaguchi-san’s previous achievements, and is apparently not surprised in the least.

“It’s a very Sakaguchi-san-like title. I had heard that Sakaguchi was thinking of a title like this so it wasn’t much of a surprise to me. I don’t really feel like the name The Last Story really overlaps with Final Fantasy because Sakaguchi-san probably just wanted a simple straightforward title that Japanese users can pick up and understand.”

He’s not wrong. The game will go under the title of “Rasuto Sutori” in Japan. Say it fast and you’ll see where we’re coming from.


Wii fans are hopefully in for a treat with the new RPG property. The Wii needs all the hits it can get these days, with numerous portents suggesting that – though still championing the hardware sales fight – Nintendo’s success story is losing the battle to attract (or at least keep) core gamers. With No More Heroes making a PS3/360 appearance this year along with The Grinder and future de Blob games going multiplat, The Last Story – along with other big hitters like Nintendo’s first-party franchises and Capcom’s Monster Hunter series of course –  could soon be the only reason to own the console.