Charts: Week Ending 20th Feb

Last week saw Bioshock 2 take the crown on both the PS3 Chart and the Xbox 360 chart but has it been able to ride out the launch period and remain on top or is there a new kid on the block?

UK PS3 Chart: Week ending 20th Feb:


SEGA’s Aliens vs Predator has shot straight to the top of the charts knocking Bioshock 2 down to second place. Dante’s Inferno, Assassin’s Creed II and Avatar: The Game all drop from the charts. Vancouver 2010 has leapt 13 places to number 5 so I’m guessing it’s going cheap! MAG has slipped considerably after just a few weeks and now sits just inside the top 10 at number 9.


UK 360 Chart: Week ending 20th Feb:

AvP has also shot straight to the top of the Xbox 360 chart. Mass Effect 2 has been this weeks biggest faller having gone from number 2 to number 6. Vancouver 2010 has made an even bigger leap on the 360, jumping 20 places to number 8 – so it’s going really cheap, then!

Next week will no doubt see another new number 1 for the PlayStation 3 chart as a cold front moves in to bring Heavy Rain…I’ll get my coat. SEGA must be enjoying things at the moment with 3 games in each chart and who in the hell is still buying FIFA 10?

UPDATE: Chart Track have also announced that Aliens vs Predator is 2010’s fastest selling title so far.

Source: Chart Track