TC’s Massive Poll Results: Week 3

Welcome one and all to a slightly later than advertised Massive Poll Results show! I’m Holly Willoughby*, your buxom hostess fresh from ‘Dancing On Ice’.

Last week we asked you on your views on cross game chat for the PS3 and it seems like this is a very important feature for you as this poll had the largest number of voters so far with almost 600 of you clicking to cast your views.

It was a pretty simple poll as TC was locked in a basement in Bradford so the results are not going to take long. Let’s get on with a lovely pie chart.

A massive 58.5% of you thought PS3 cross game chat was absolutely essential. TSA’er ‘Danlord’ commented

“I and many of my friends want this feature desperately. We all have mics and really want this feature so much. This would be beneficial for Sony as well if they implement this as not also customer satisfaction but money from sale of official headsets.”

The next largest portion of voters, just over a third of you, couldn’t care less about cross game chat. The spell-check defying ‘Paranoimia’ posted his thoughts,

“Cross game chat? Couldn’t care less. I have absolutely no wish to talk to someone playing a different game from me. A solid Party System, on the other hand…”

A tiny minority, only 6.8% of you were against the idea, TSA’er ‘s0602277’ suggesting there are more important things for Sony to fixing,

“It’s a waste of time and Sony should invest in better applications for the console.”

So a clear win for cross game chat, Sony are you listening? Stay tuned for another Massive Poll tomorrow, I’ve been Holly Willoughby*, goodnight!

*not really.