PlayStation Plus Subscription Mentions “Cross Game Chat”

It looks like SCEE over in Portugal are still promoting Cross Game Chat as a feature of PlayStation Plus, something the whole of Sony did originally when the service was first announced, but later retracted and quietly removed from the feature list.

The ability to chat online with other PS3 users regardless of the game you were playing was – apparently – intended to be a feature of PlayStation Plus (you can see that here) but it was later stated that technically it’s simply not possible.


That makes it reasonably safe to assume that the the words “Cross-game Voice Chat: invite your friends to chat online no matter what game you’re all playing and even if they aren’t members of PlayStation Plus” on the PSN Store for Portugese Plus subscriptions is likely just an error.

Still, it’s nice to be reminded that somewhere somebody’s still thinking of it.

Via GAF.



  1. Could it finally be?! :p

  2. If it ever becomes reality it means I can finally play scary games. All I’ve been waiting for is the comforting ridicule from other gamers to make me feel safe. :)

  3. maybe they’re making a new Playstation with cross game chat.

  4. What is this mysterious ‘cross game chat’ you speak of? Surely we have this already:
    Me: Sorry, I’m not very good at this
    Them: F*ck off then, you w*nker

  5. Maybe PSvita gets it with their plus version? Surely they fixed it so it will be posibble on the Vita?

  6. It should be left to rest in peace, it’s not going to happen and in my view would be an utter waste of Sony resources to even contemplate trying to make X game chat happen. People in a lobby playing F1 don’t need to be talking to Hannah Montanna players while trying to get a fast lap in, what the fuck would the use of that be?
    On a side note, my auto renewal plus subscription happened yesterday and it CORRECTLY cost the discounted price of £29.99…….all’s good ;)

    • I agree, we’ve managed this long without it, I think I can survive without cross-game-chat in my gaming life.

      My plus subscription also auto renewed at the discounted price too :)

    • We all know it won’t happen, Sony confirmed it was pretty much not possible on the PS3.

      But we can live in hope ;)

  7. Never really saw the point of it anyway? If I’m playing one game, I want to chat to players in that game. One thing it’d be good for is if you have lots of friends on the same game in 2 separate lobbies.

    • Agreed. If I’m busy playing Battlefield, and warning my squad about a sniper, don’t want a friend suddenly bleating on about how he’s just beaten a road time in Burnout (or vice versa – though I’m unlikely to be warning my fellow drivers that I’ve just beaten a time).

    • Because you can be sat there playing one thing talking to a friend, like errm friends talk to each other, why does your chat have to be about something beating a time in Burnout if you’re playing CoD? Do all your conversations with actual friends revolve solely around a headshot or a high score?

      CGC in itself isn’t the sole reason for Xbox’s service being more joined up, it’s that it is part of something wider that also includes the robust party system.
      Essentially a lobby on the dashboard, party up and you can all sit there talking about what game you’re going to play, all load Bf3 up for example and you’re in touch all the time and then you end up all in the same in-game lobby together ready to start the multiplayer mode… No shitty XMB messaging required, then when you’re all done with Bf3 & fancy playing something else, you just quit the game and all come back to the same dashboard party/lobby and load up the next game, so Forza or whatever & again you’re all there in the same in-game lobby… You can go from game to game to game all without losing touch with each other and CGC is just one component that makes that possible & helps the XBL be a great joined up service.

      Quite how Sony adding CGC to PS+ will make any difference I don’t know, unless they introduce an XMB based party system too it will never be as joined up, seamless or useable as it could be.

      • i’d use cgc while playing sp to talk to someone else playing another sp.

        talking to someone else while you’re both playing different online games doesn’t make sense imo…just because i heard from ppl who play xbox that online games are quiet because everyone is in a private lobby with their mic. what about the ppl with no friends? =(

  8. I doubt it.

    Even if it does get released, nobody will really care anyway. It’s been so long.

  9. if this is an error, this just goes to show who incompetent scee are.

    not like we needed more proof.

  10. I just use skype on my laptop now, thats how long it has been waiting for this.

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