Castlevania Producer Talks Multiplat

VG247 recently ran an interview with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer Dave Cox where the studio head chimed in with his own thoughts on developing a game for two different platforms and the challenges of making them comparable.

Developed by Spanish studio Mercury Steam with the auspicious assistance of a certain Hideo Kojima, the “rebirth” of Castlevania is using the PS3 as its lead development platform, a decision Cox is anxious to dispel any particular significance to. He states:

“It’s certainly not about one console being superior to the other. This argument is bollocks, frankly; it’s about making the best of what both machines are good at and focussing on that because, believe me, both machines are a challenge to develop on no matter what you are doing.

“If you develop for Xbox 360 and port to PS3, or indeed vice versa, you can end up with a game that is great on one but lousy on another.”

Cox goes on to admit that compromises on both systems had to be made, with the team working with the strengths and weaknesses of the competing platforms in mind. That said, he does unequivocally state how “[…] it is very important to me that no version is inferior.”

Cox also mentions in the piece that he wouldn’t strike comparisons between Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and SCE Santa Monica’s God of War III. In fact, according to him, Konami’s game is more like Prince of Persia. Interesting.