Heavy Rain EU Ad

Heavy Rain is out this week and we’re sure a lot of you will finally be getting your hands on the psychological thriller. Sony have been supporting the title for sometime now; from online ARG campaigns to name dropping it as part of the ever-growing list of PS3 exclusives scheduled for this year.

Revealed over at the official EU blog, take a look at how Sony are presenting the game to the masses. We’ve watched it and, unlike some sites out there, we can certify that it is totally spoiler-free. As long as you don’t mind finding out that it has a woman. In her panties. Running.


Best part of the ad? The bit at the end with the PS3 getting rained on. Obviously, we don’t recommend putting your PS3 in the shower. You might recreate the image above, but you’ll most likely be down a (undoubtedly clean) PS3.