TC’s Massive Poll: On Demand Gaming

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have recently picked up another competitor who wants you to use their service. OnLive is a gaming on demand platform which will run on any low end PC and will stream the video to the PC and then the inputs from your controller are sent back to the OnLive server.

OnLive will require a 1.5 Mbps connection for standard definition gaming and around 5 Meg for HD gaming. EA, Atari Codemasters and THQ are already on board.

Obvious advantages are that you will not need a super PC to run Crysis 2 in HD, just a decent internet connection, your house will no longer be filled with plastic boxes from games and a vast library of titles to play. Disadvantages include a subscription based service, possible lag and if your internet connection goes down you lose all your gaming.

The gaming world is polarised on whether On Demand gaming is the future and there’s only one way to find out which is best… FIGHT! Would you prefer to play online without the hassles of a console, or do you like having that hunk of whirring plastic under the TV?

Holly Willoughby Dale Winton will be reporting back this Saturday with the results show so get voting people.