Check Out These MAG Avatars, Themes

Jeremy Dunham has posted over at the official MAG blog a nice look at the recent premium MAG PSN avatars unleashed last week. We also get a look at some dynamic themes – content which those of you who picked up the Special Edition of MAG will already be familiar with.

It’s an interesting reveal as, let’s face it, considering you’ve already chosen your PMC, there’s a very slim chance you’ll bother to download the opposing corporations’ themes (until you go turncoat perhaps). You might have seen the other avatars in your friends’ list of course, though we are assuming you and your mates have picked the same side to fight on. Unless you particularly enjoy shooting your friends in the face each night. We’re not judging.


The themes will be released for all this Thursday, and cost $2.99 (so, €1.99 and, what?, £1.59?).

And this is what all the new avatars look like all happy together before the bullets fly.