Blue Toad Murder Files For Free Today

Today’s PSN Store Update is going to be huge if everything clicks into place, not least because Relentless’ third episode of Blue Toad Murder Files is going to be free (for a month) to anyone with a prior episode already downloaded.  “It’s going to be an exciting day for us,” Relentless told us yesterday.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the first episode, but by all accounts the game gets better the more you play, so grab the Episode 1 and 2 bundle and then settle in for your free download for the third.


After this, in order to provide the best possible value for money, the remainder of the episodes will be just £9.99 for the three. “We would be arrogant to overlook peoples’ concerns about the cost and replayability of an episode,” said the game’s producer, Jade Tidy.

“We’ve made something we’re all very proud of, and knowing people have enjoyed our game enough to ask us when the next episode comes out makes us very happy.”