Castle Crashers on PSN this year

The Behemoth have revealed that Castle Crashers for PSN is still in development and that it is on track for release later this year.

Posting on their official blog the company said,


With all of the BattleBlock Theater news lately we wanted to be sure to update you on our other title we’re working on, Castle Crashers for the PSN. Development has been going great and our awesome programming team has been quietly and diligently making the game run and look beautiful on the PlayStation 3. Although we haven’t narrowed it down to a specific month yet, we’re still on track for a release this year.

The game is feature packed offering co-op and vs modes, Local and Online play, Leaderboards and much more. The company have also revealed that the PSN version will receive  a new volleyball minigame, although there is no further information on that at this point.

Here are the full features of this excellent game for your reading pleasure:

* Play co-op or vs your buddies
* Local or online play
* From 1-4 players per team for up to 8 player matches
* Variable stats based on character
* Use magic attacks to place 8 new magic status effects on the ball
* Cool new serving and spiking moves
* Available AI teammates or opponents
* Play as any character you have unlocked
* Play 1, 3 or 5 matches against your opponents
* Leaderboards to track the best in the land

Hopefully we won’t have too long to wait for this title, because if the XBLA version is anything to go buy this could be one of THE must have co-op games on PSN.