Heavy Rain Soundtrack Delayed

Sony have revealed that those who ordered the Heavy Rain Special Edition, which contains a voucher code to download three pieces of additional content: Chronicles episode 1, the additional playable scene; a Dynamic XMB Theme; and the Official Heavy Rain Soundtrack will have to wait if they want to download the Soundtrack.

Speaking on the Official Playstation Blog, Alex Pavey, European Content Manager said,


I’m sorry to say that there has been a last-minute technical delay with the Official Soundtrack, meaning that if you redeem your voucher code before 4th March, you will be able to download Chronicle 1 and the Dynamic Theme, but not the Official Soundtrack.

If you redeem your Special Edition voucher after 4th March, you will receive all three pieces of content as normal – and if you can stand to wait a week to start downloading additional content, that will be the easiest approach. If you have already redeemed your voucher code and have not received the Official Soundtrack, please contact your local customer service teams who will be able to help you.

It’s a pity but these things tend to happen, especially it seems to Sony, but look on the bright side at least you have the game to keep you company until the 4th March.

Via : http://blog.eu.playstation.com