Heavy Rain’s ‘Teething Problems’

Heavy Rain, one of the highlights of Sony’s 2010 release calendar isn’t fully released until tomorrow in the UK, but thanks to the earlier release throughout the rest of the world it has received a fair amount of gaming time already. Unfortunately the early Internet chatter doesn’t make pleasant reading for fans, first off there was plenty of idiots only too willing to spoil other peoples’ enjoyment by posting in comments and forums around the world who the Origami Killer was, although it is now being reported that a lot of these childish, pathetic comments are incorrect. Here at TSA we’re automatically banning anyone who spoils before Friday and we’re suspending anyone who spoils after Friday. We want to keep TSA spoiler free, at least until most people get a chance to play the game through.

With that storm being weathered, users are now taking to the forums and comments sections around the web complaining of a multitude of glitches and failings. There is a launch day patch but it’s not yet known what the patch is for and there are reports that the problems are still occurring whether the patch has been installed or not, as users take to Google to see if others are experiencing the same problems like freezing problems, audio dropouts or other glitches which in some cases are apparently rendering the game unplayable.


Whilst we have every confidence these problems will be rooted out, it is disappointing to see such a high profile flagship title with these problems at launch.