Heavy Rain Movie?

A filing with the United States Copyright Office reveals that Quantic Dreams have been exploring a Heavy Rain movie. It is hardly a shock that a story as strong as Heavy Rain’s isn’t thought of as being a likely candidate for the Hollywood treatment, but as you can see from the filing below, David Cage and Quantic Dreams entered into a Short Form Option with Warner Bros subsidiary New Line Productions.

Type of Work: Recorded Document
Document Number: V3551D622
Date of Recordation: 2007-04-23
Entire Copyright Document: V3551 D622 P1-3
Date of Execution: 15May06; 12Jan07
Title: Heavy rain / by David “Cage” de Gruttola.
Notes: Short form option. Exhibit A recorded at request of sender.
Party 1: QuanticDream, Inc. & David DeGruttola a.k.a. David Cage.
Party 2: New Line Productions, Inc.
Names: DeGruttola, David
Cage, David
Gruttola, David De
QuanticDream, Inc.
New Line Productions, Inc.

It must be pointed out that a Short Form Option isn’t the movie rights, its merely a filing which legally protects both parties as they enter in to negotiations with each other. As you can see the filing was made in 2007 and we haven’t heard too much (or anything at all) about a Heavy Rain movie since then, so this could dead in the water. Personally I’m hoping a Heavy Rain movie does get made, because it could make one hell of a game.


Source : USCO (which doesn’t allow direct linking) Via: superannuation.