FFXIII On Xbox 360 To Outsell PS3 Version?

According to MyVoucherCodes.co.uk the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII is on course to outsell the Playstation 3 version by two-to-one.

The site has based its findings on the number of searches made on its server, with interest in the Xbox 360 title running at double the rate of its rival.


Furthermore, the site also suggests that the sheer amount of enquiries about the game could suggest that it will be the most successful release of 2010 so far, with stats revealing that  in February alone over 370,000 searches were made for the game.

“The Final Fantasy series has always been a huge draw for Sony, since its debut on the PlayStation in the form of Final Fantasy VII,” MyVoucherCodes MD Mark Pearson told MCV.

“For Microsoft to now be sharing and in fact beating the interest for the PS3 version must be worrying Sony chiefs, who must be wondering just how to steal the march back, if it is at all possible. Our Christmas sales data showed that Xbox 360s were outselling PS3s three-to-one in the holiday period, a fact which seems to be presenting itself here as consumers show more interest in the Xbox 360 title.”

So what do you think? Will the Xbox 360 version outshine the Playstation 3 version even though it is generally regarded as an established PS3 franchise ? Or will the PS3 and its one disc version reign supreme? Let us know your thoughts.