Natal About More Than Games

Speaking in the latest version of Bonus Round, Jason Rubin, boss of new start up studio Monkey Gods and Naughty Dog Co-Founder has said that Microsoft’s Natal could be appealing even to those people who don’t play games.


“Things like Natal are going to revolutionize far more than gaming. I think putting Natal in the Xbox gives the console an opportunity to become a lot more than just a game machine and I think there are things you can do outside of gaming that will justify buying the Natal. I firmly believe that if Microsoft plays its cards right that they could sell far more Xboxes next generation … they could sell it to people that don’t play games”.

“The amazing thing about Natal is that never before has a piece of hardware hooked up to your television been able to recognize you and who you are, had information about you and what you like, and been able to hear your voice and understand your voice.

“And the capabilities that come out of that I believe go far beyond games and that the killer app for it — and all these things need something that catches people’s attention — surprisingly, we may find out that it’s not specifically a game. It’s not whacking balls against the wall. It will be the interface and what it allows you to do to all the other things hooked up to your tv.

“I’m a firm believer now, after playing around with Natal, that Natal and things like it are going to revolutionize our den”.

“Once you have that interface and the ability to hook this up to your den, Natal will give you reasons to love it that aren’t games. Not calling games as bad, games will be good too, but the killer app may not be a game.”

Whether Natal appeals to everyone remains to be seen, however that fact that we are already talking about it more than Sony’s Motion controller really must be a good sign for Microsoft.

Via ThatVideoGameBlog