Tony Hawk Ride Deemed A Success

Robomodo, the developers of Tony Hawk RIDE have deemed their game a “retail success,” according to a press release announcing the studio’s growth today.

Since the game released last year, the company has grown by 20 percent and is looking to add an additional 17 percent on top of that by increasing personnel “in all areas across the company.”


“Our culture is focused on enabling game designers and artists to innovate, while providing them with proper management oversight and technology support,” Robomodo president Josh Tsui says. “As evidence from our recent game release, Robomodo supports out-of-the-box thinking and new creative ways to approach gameplay.”

Even though critic’s panned the game giving it a rather poor 44% Metacritic rating, Activision are determined for the developers to press on with a sequel having already confirmed that one is in the works.

Via ThatVideoGameblog