New Castlevania Screens

Some new screenshots have emerged for the forthcoming Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow, as you can see from the screens its is quite a departure from Castlevania of old.

Whilst we can’t tell too much gameplay-wise it’s obvious that the switch has been made to a 3rd person action adventure title and will presumably include the now standard mix of combat, platforming and puzzles made popular by God Of War and more recently by Dante’s Inferno. The reason for this departure is that Lords Of Shadow is a re-boot of the series, meaning that all future games will use this title as a reference point for their characters and story arcs, and everything that has gone before is sadly thrown out of the window.

Although this make me a bit sad, I’m pleased to see that the character still has the chain whip which will be used to take down enemies presumably in a similar style to Death’s Scythe in Dante’s Inferno but can also be used to scale walls to get to hard to reach places. There is also the good news that Robert Carlyle, Jason Isaacs and in particular Patrick Stewart are on board for voice acting, Nolan North was presumably unavailable. Talking of Dante and his Inferno the game’s protagonist Gabriel Belmont is on a mission to revive his dead wife, the game also features a god and a devil mask which may offer a dual upgrade path for Gabriel on his quest through the nine circles of hell dying lands.

The title is slated for release this year and is currently in production by Mercury Steam for release by Konami under the watchful eye of Kojima Productions.