Modern Warfare: Future Confirmed?

The PS3 may not see the Modern Warfare DLC. Hats off to the chaps at Lost Gamer who spotted something in the lawsuit that is being filed against Activision by Jason West and Vince Zampella. It states:

“For a preliminary or permanent injunction against’s Defendant enjoining it and its officers, agents, employees and representatives from violating Plaintiff’s rights with respect to the development, release and exploitation of any Modern Warfare game.”

‘Exploiting’ Modern Warfare would include making money from it, so whilst this legal battle rolls on Activision cannot release any DLC – or for that matter, press any more copies of the game.

But, wait – there’s more. The final sentence reads:

“..exploitation of any Modern Warfare game or Call of Duty title set in the post-Vietnam era, near future or distant future.

Modern Warfare in the distant future? Does this refer to the rumoured sci-fi version of Modern Warfare that Infinity Ward were working on? We know the next COD is going to be Vietnam, the ‘near future’ obviously refers to Modern Warfare 2 but we’ve never had confirmation of a ‘future’ Modern Warfare game – until now.