What Happened At The Weekend

We all know that the gaming world is quiet on a Saturday and Sunday, however there is the occasional bit of gaming news that slips through the net and with everyone relaxing after a busy week it’s easy to miss it. Therefore, we hope to catch it before it falls out of sight (our maybe that should be out of the site) with this new feature What Happened At The Weekend.

So let’s have a look and see what news is likely to appear on the internet first thing Monday morning.



There were a few interesting developments today , two of which we published.

Mobile on the Go

News appeared that Microsoft are working on a mobile version of Xbox Live which will allow you to play games on the move and then continue them from where you left off once you get home, it all sounds like impressive stuff and you can read all about it  and also watch the video here.

New GT5 Video Hits The Web

The biggest news of Saturday was a brand new video for GT5 hitting the internet, the footage was very shaky, however it still looked pretty awesome, showing off some nighttime damage and some rather wonderful graphics which had everyone excited for more. It was also revealed that this new trailer would appear on the God of War III disc, as if we didn’t already have enough incentive to buy that game.

God of War Team Don’t Know What They Are Doing

Speaking to industry gamers The God of War Team revealed that they don’t know what they are doing next, obviously with God of War being a trilogy and with us recently revealing that the studio would like to slow the pace between games, this is probably no surprise, however you do have to wonder what a talented bunch like this will turn their attention to next. It will probably be awesome though, whatever it is.

Blur DLC Revealed

MTV have been speaking to the developers of Blur and it was revealed that they are working on DLC for the game, although it won’t appear at launch.  The developers say that they don’t have any dates for DLC, but revealed that it has always been a massive part of their strategy. DLC being part of a developer and publisher’s strategy?  We wouldn’t have seen that one coming.


Portal Looks Awesome

The big news of today was just how awesome Portal 2 looks. Some new scans appeared over at palgn which showed off just how great the game will look and there were also some details as to what the game will include, such as split screen co-op, GlaDOS returning as the main enemy from the last game and loads more, which you can read all about right here on TheSixthAxis.

Monkey Island 2 On The Way

It was also revealed today that Monkey Island 2 will be heading to console near you soon, including our very own PlayStation 3s. Kotaku report that a PS3 version of the game is in the works, which will bring joy to everyone’s heart and make the World a better place no doubt. We are all for that.

PS Motion Button Config Revealed

Someone over at NeoGaf is claiming to know the button configuration for the new PlayStation motion controller, of course this could be a load of garbage but it’s still interesting. Here is what he had to say.

The Nunchuck has an analog stick at the front, below that X and O and below that a D-pad. Underneath is L1 and L2. Its actually long, not like the Wii Nunchuk.

As for the Wand it has one very big button on top and then all four face buttons (X,O,Square and Triangle) and underneath is a big trigger called T.

So there we go, that’s the first issue of What Happened at the Weekend out of the way, we hope you enjoyed the read and we will bring you more next week. Oh, and if you know of something we have missed from over the weekend then post it in the comments field below, you never know it might just appear later today.