TC’s Massive Poll: Pre-Owned Games

With the news that high street chain Argos is trialing a pre-owned trade in scheme more and more games publishers are adding extra content and pre-order bonuses to new games in a bid to slow down the pre-owned games market.

EA recently announced that Madden and FIFA may come with ‘free’ DLC for anyone purchasing the 2011 games and Codemasters budget release of Grid will feature £15 worth of DLC for an extra fiver. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 launched with an extra map pack, anyone buying a pre-owned game will have to purchase this separately.

GTA developer Take Two has also revealed it is investigating incentives to make punters buy an original new copy of their games.

The question is – will this make any difference to you, the buying public? Do the extra goodies make you want to rush out and buy a game on the day of release, or are you happy to wait a few weeks and pick up a pre-owned copy at a discount price and not be bothered about some extra maps or costumes?