Argos Join The Pre-Own Market

UK high street chain Argos has jumped aboard the pre-owned market joining Game, HMV, Asda and most recently, Tesco. A trial is taking place at 27 stores but only a small selection of games can be traded in so if you were hoping of unloading a copy of “Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard” and turning it in to a limited edition Lilly Allen Flamingo Pendant, your luck is out.

Trade in prices range from £22 for the recent ‘Aliens Vs Predato’r on 360 or PS3 down to £15 for ‘Need For Speed: Shift’, however the small print on the Argos web site indicates the prices will change daily.

Pre-owned games are now a huge market and publishers are doing their best to entice people to buy brand new copies. Most recently Codemasters have added two sets of premium DLC to the Platinum edition of Race Driver: Grid to tempt buyers. 

By the way, ‘Lilly Allen Flamingo Pendant’ = Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 + Tekken 6. What a fabulous deal!