GamesMaster To Return?

Every gamer who actually remembers the show, will know that GamesMaster was the best ever videogame program on TV, with Dominic Diamond and the GamesMaster himself pulling in a large audience every time they appeared on Channel 4.

Well gamers rejoice, because there are reports this morning that Future Publishing are actually in talks to bring the show back.


MCV are reporting that GamesMaster could be back on TV in time for Q4, with a new series on a terrestrial channel. It has emerged that Future, who actually bought the rights to GamesMaster last year, have been talking to production companies, TV networks, publishers and even potential presenters, with at least one channel showing considerable interest and already planning an early evening slot.

Reports suggest that the new GamesMaster would retain some elements of the original show, however thanks to Future’s network of magazines and industry knowledge, they would hope the show could also improve in some areas.

Dominic Diamond has been ruled out as the presenter of the new show, however no matter who the presenter is, if this really happens it’s going to be huge news for gaming.