More About Move

Mark Hardy, SCEE European Product Marketing Manager, has been answering users questions on the PS Blog regarding the PlayStation Move, which as we know was finally named at GDC yesterday.

Some of the information which has come out of his answers is fairly interesting, for instance he said that,


All MOVE games will be playable with 1 controller. You can also use your DS3 at the same time to enhance this. There will be modes for 2 controllers as well – our games will work in different ways depending on what kit our players own/want to own. Some games are richer with 2, others you could use the DS3 as the secondary controller too. We will package and sell all MOVE components in different ways to give our gamers maximum options. The MOVE controller does have rumble.

It’s interesting to note that all MOVE games will only use one controller as any move (no pun intended) by Sony to alienate users by requiring games to use two would certainly have not gone down well.

Another quote from the Sony man related to the sub controller and how this would not necessarily be needed for MOVE games,

You can still use the DS3 controller if you don’t want to use the sub-controller. We designed the sub to be easier to hold and more in keeping with the MOVE experience – it’s your choice which you go with… The sub-controller is a bonus extra – more precise and easier to use. However, if you don’t feel the need to buy this for those reasons, your DS3 can be used to compliment the gaming experience. We will not be forcing you to buy this to get involved with our games.

Other questions answered by the Marketing Manager stated that users will need the PS Eye for the device to work, as well as mentioning that Sony are working on a wide range of titles from casual to hardcore for the device.

Finally he reveal that Sony are not just concentrating on MOVE games, but will also continue to focus on their core market, which is obviously great news to hear.

So what do you think of MOVE now that you have had a day to digest all of the information? Are you convinced that it will help take the PS3 to the next level, or do you feel that as a device it is just not necessary? Let us know your thoughts below.

Thanks Apnomis