Blog Share: Most Wanted

As you no doubt know by now, SCEA recently revealed PlayStation Blog Share, a brand new website where PlayStation fans can share their thoughts on all things Sony PlayStation ranging from PS3, PSP and PSN to the actual blog itself.

Since this website is only a few days old we thought we would take a look at some of the ideas which have risen to the top of the popularity stakes and ask you our readers which of these ideas you like and which ones you would like to see implemented into your PlayStation experience.


So here we go the top ten most popular PlayStation Blog Share ideas.

Blog Share Top Ten

Cross Game Voice Chat – This one obviously explains itself, give users ability to chat no matter what game they are playing.

Software Emulation for PS2 games – This is another popular choice, the ability to play PS2 games on your PS3, but would people really utilize this?

Auto Syncing of Trophies – Why do we need to sync trophies ourselves? To quote Homer Simpson, can’t someone else do it?

Fix the PS3’s web browser – We all know that it is broken, but is this a real priority?

New Avatars – This seems to be a popular choice, but would it really be at the top of your priority list?

PS Button, Auto Read Message Upon Notification – This to us is a fantastic idea, we can’t count the amount of times we’ve had to scroll through the XMB to read a message.

MKV Support for PS3 – It is the year 2010 after all so why not?

Make PS2 games downloadable via Store – Another excellent idea, it would be good to see games such as this make an appearance, but in a twist why not allow for HD versions of PS2 games to be downloadable?

Kevin Butler hosting the E3 Sony Press Conference! – This would be fantastic although Mr Tretton would also need to make an appearance alongside him or a certain ColossalBlue would not be a happy bunny.

Seperate PSN logins for each player – Allow separate players to use their own logins on the same system. Sounds like a plan.

Other Ideas We Like

  • Trophies for PSP
  • Updated Trophy Card
  • Trophy Room In Home
  • Team Ico HD Collection
  • Delete Trophies with 0%
  • Automatic Installs
  • In Game Screenshots for all Games
  • Gifting PSN Purchases
  • Official PSN Trophy Leaderboard

Reader Thoughts?

So there we go, as you can see already there are some absolutely fantastic ideas, so which are your favorites or do you have an idea which you think would be better than any of those above? As always please let us know in the comments field below.